A little bit about me!


I'm a passionate person and approach my photography from a personal place. Every photographer attempts to capture a feeling and for me love was the emotion that sparked that. By nature, I like to take a moment and appreciate something simple. The world can be complicated and over stimulating. It is nice to stop and savor all the simple pleasures in our world. It is those small things that make up the beautiful world around all of us.

I love my family and friends and all the experiences we share together. I believe that is how photography made its way into my life. I have always enjoyed taking photographs. I received my first camera at a young age and loved to see what I "froze in time."

I would get the photos printed right away and put them in albums.  Often, I would make extra copies for friends or family. I was excited to do this and found a lot of enjoyment in it.  I felt as if I tucked away a glimpse of a fleeting moment, a memory to relive that special occasion or just a heartfelt remembrance of a glance, a place, a person or a part of life that would never again happen in that exact way.

Photography is about celebrating life and preserving a moment in time. We all know, life moves fast, too fast! Time is so valuable. I felt that every time I relived memories of my beloved mother Lynda and enjoyed new photos of my cherished pregnancies and newborn babies. I was able to see my body blossom with the growing of each of my son's. Now, as they go from pre-birth, to infants, to toddlers, I will always have the ability to go back and relive it all. Photography is the art of capturing special and ordinary moments in life.  It is an investment into the tangible and the intangible. I find that fascinating and illuminating. It is that reason I take the time I do to make photographs beautiful. It is our own personal little world wrapped up by this great big world that is most special to us. It is my privilege to capture keepsakes of your personal moments to treasure forever.

I find inspiration in love and I am blessed to witness it each time I pick up my camera.