My Love of Photography

I decided to write my first blog about the main reason why I find photography so fascinating. If you read my “about me” section of the Jill Ryder Photography site, I discuss how investing in actual photographs creates an investment into the tangible and the intangible. 

I have a great affinity for actual physical photographs, however, as we know we live in a digital world. So many photos are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The pictures exist on screens and “in clouds.”  I admit to loving this new age luxury of keepsaking and documenting but I still want to be able to hold a photograph. It is nice to physically feel like I am touching a past moment or person in time. I want to walk down the hall in my house and see my boys in a frame as I go about my daily routine or see a picture of my mother at the corner of my eye just as I may be missing her.

Creating that tangible feeling is the reason I decided to photograph the Specht family when they expressed interest in wanting to document a special time for their family. 

The Specht’s experienced the biggest loss a family can. This was the loss of their child Richard Specht Jr. In the aftermath of this unforeseen and accidental tragedy, the Specht’s have chosen to go through the grief and come out the other side.

In honor of their little boys memory, they decided to create a non-profit foundation called ReesSpecht Life. It encourages others to perform acts of kindness in hopes those acts are paid forward and the seed of respect and love is spread. I enjoyed participating, but here was my chance to do it directly for the Specht family.

Reese’s little sister Melina was born 2 years after her brother passed. She is now of age to honor her big brothers memory with formal swim lessons.

I had the privilege of being there to illustrate that moment. As I said, photography can be an emotional and caring way to capture special and ordinary moments. This clearly was a very special moment. I could feel it from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I watched Melina’s dad get in the pool with her as he cinematized the event as well as took part in her swim instruction.  I grabbed my camera and snapped away. I felt good about what I was doing and what I was privileged to witness. I felt their little angel’s presence the entire time.

I did not have the opportunity to know this special family prior to their loss, however, the family was kind enough to share with me a couple photos of Reese for the Jill Ryder Photography Blog.

Here is their rainbow Melina during her swim lesson. She is called a rainbow because it is clear she represents the beauty and light that came in the midst of their darkness. 

Melina Specht is a very special baby. It seemed to me she was a natural in the water. I love this picture of her adorable relaxed face. 

Bless this family for everything wonderful they represent and for acknowledging the importance of  water safety as well as preserving a wonderful occasion with photography.

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